Collaboration with comrades Mike Dooley and Todd Bailey.

It started with an XY Monitor off Craigslist and ended with a custom designed, FPGA based vector video card, a gunner's control from an M1 tank, a separate monochrome HUD, an air raid siren, and a fully functional ruble acceptor. I designed the FPGA vector drawing system (VHDL) and HUD (python/SDL), Todd made the analog vector amp and cabinet, and Dooley made the game engine. We got a killer soundtrack from Nicholas "Windbreaker" Read.

Commercial directed by Ray Zablocki.

VEC9 Proto #

VEC9 MK I (Logan Arcade - Chicago, IL) #

VEC9 MK II (Wonderville Arcade - Brooklyn, NY) #

Press #

Popular Mechanics | Avenge the USSR in This Righteous Retro Arcade Game That Never Was
Hackaday | Arcades: Don't Call it a Comeback
Engadget | 'Asteroids' travels to the Cold War and beyond in 'VEC9'
Adafruit | VEC9: the first vector arcade game to be released in 30 years
Boing Boing | Marxism triumphs over capitalist pixels
Motherboard | Avenge the Soviet Union in the First Vector Graphics Arcade Cabinet in 30 Years
Killscreen | the future of nuclear warfare. It isn't pretty - Kill Screen
Make | VEC9 Gives Vector Arcade Gaming a Modern Upgrade

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